Stock Photos

What are stock photos?

Stock images are existing photos, already created, edited and ready to use in marketing and advertising, personal projects, commercial and for-profit projects, and blogs and websites. Stock photography covers almost everything you would see in everyday photography, such as images of products, buildings, landscapes, etc.



Personal projects, such as cards, gifts, and prints.


Presentations, newsletters, talks, PowerPoint.


Single website, social media, app, blog etc.


Local, international and extended use.

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Norfolk Prints & Frames has 11 stock licenses, no contract to sign, no fuss, pay and use.

Choosing the correct license can be daunting, so we have 11 individual licences for you, such as personal use, websites, social media, blogs, apps, television, magazines and books, marketing packages, extended use, digital publishing, and local and international advertising.

Personal Licence

DIY Printing

A personal stock license is ideal for small individual print projects such as greeting cards, cups and plates, interior design, or brightening up the home with photographic prints. Personal stock licences are great for those on a budget. Don’t forget to subscribe for sales and coupon offers.

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Websites, blogs, social media

Stock photos are great for websites

Stock photos are processed and ready to use. There’s no need to worry about dust spots, over-exposure, editing mistakes, etc. As a member of the Guild of Photographers, I take great pride in my work; hence every image has been edited to high standards. Use on a single website, app, blog or social media post.

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Magazines & books

A picture paints a thousand words

It is one thing to read words in a magazine or book. However, as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words, and images can strike a much stronger response in people than the written word.

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Personal Assignments

Commission Me

No job to big or too small.

As a photographer, I know how frustrating it is to find the appropriate image to suit your project. That’s why you can hire me for personal assignments locally or internationally to shoot professional photos for your project. Your pictures will be professionally composed, shot and processed, ready to download and use.

Cathedrals & Churches

Stock photos of churches, cathedrals, religious buildings etc., are ideal for printing in leaflets, posters, and bound and unbound books for tourist attractions.


Stock photos illustrating seascapes are fitting for personal print projects such as posters, gift cards, plates etc. Seascape images are ideal for press and media projects, conservation, not-for-profit charity work, magazines and books etc.


Bloggers, writers and travel companies etc., often use stock photos illustrating landscapes to recall a personal observation or experience while in the outdoors, especially when travelling. Landscape stock photography is a common choice for independent graphic designers and businesses alike.

Coastal Landscapes

Like seascapes, stock photos of coastal landscapes are ideal for advertising in the hospitality industry; for example, a hotel or B&B may want to attract more seaside customers into their prime establishments with an image illustrating a local seaside hot spot, such as a pier, marina, etc. In addition, coastal landscape images are often used by conservation charities, marine companies, meteorologists, writers and personal print projects.


Stock images depicting windmills and pumping stations are ideal for publishing by conservation and restoration charities in newsletters and leaflets. For example an organisation may want to write about the history of a local mill or inform the public of local restoration projects and opening and closing times. In addition, images of mills are great to use in before and after restoration TV programs.

Castles & Ruins

Stock photos of castles and ruins are fitting for most projects, from personal use to news and presentations, holiday programs, power-points and advertising the local landmarks and tourist attractions, for example, nature trails and holiday destinations. Tourists from far and wide love castles, especially in England, Germany and East Europe.


The press and media often use stock images illustrating cityscape scenes to highlight stories about local shops and businesses, road closures, new store openings, community life, housing, etc. Cityscape stock images are often used for local advertising projects too.


Stock images illustrating historical events such as famine, war, genocide, poverty, etc., are often used by bloggers, writers and historians to highlight the complete transitions that have altered the world’s story so that readers can learn from past mistakes. By learning about different eras and their respective events, readers start to see what changes might happen in the future and what would drive that change.

“Hold yew hard”


  • Stock photos are already edited and ready to use
  • A large variety of images available from the library
  • Affordable pricing for personal projects, websites, social media etc
  • You can edit them to suit your project requirements, T&Cs apply
  • Available to download in small, medium or large sizes
  • Free trial available on request
  • Refunds as standard
  • Can’t find the image you’re looking for? Commission me for your assignment
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Commission Me

Can’t find the image you’re looking for? Commission me for your project. No job is too small or too big. I will compose, shoot and professionally edit your stock images ready for you to download and use in various projects from history and editorial, newsletters, websites, social media, adverts, power-point, etc. Free quotes are available on request.

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