Why Opt For Feedback?

Feedback on your photography can improve your composition, storytelling, symmetry, balance, colour, lights and shadows, etc. Gaining input from an expert can also enhance your style and photography aesthetics.

As the saying goes: Two heads are better than one. Your mentor may spot things you’ve missed in your image, such as sensor dust. Sensor dust can cause reduced clarity, colour distortion, specks and smudges.

Feedback can improve how you display your images in portfolios, albums, on websites, social media, apps, etc., and it’s a valuable source of information for photographers entering their artwork into local and national competitions.

Without feedback on your photography, you’d still be making basic mistakes. While positive insight or constructive criticism may be hard to hear, it’s important to remember that feedback is a valuable source of information that can improve your photographic style and artwork.

Giving feedback on your work is not a case of Wow, well done” or “That looks nice”. Feedback is about providing technical insight into where you may have gone wrong, for example, in a competition. Furthermore, feedback is about understanding what you see in a picture and whether any improvements could be made.

During your live session we will talk about:

  • Colour
  • Crop
  • Composition
  • Leading lines, symmetry, angles
  • Rule of thirds and the golden ratio
  • Foreground, mid-ground, background
  • Exposure triangle
  • Story telling
  • Subject expression
  • Overall image expression

..And remember

Feedback is a positive review of your work, rather than a negative. We will discuss where you can improve, technical insights, and the next steps.

Image insight is also a valuable source of information for photographers considering printing and framing their photographic art and displaying their work on stock sites, social media, portfolios, albums, etc.

We offer three types of feedback:

  1. 25 minutes for one image – £20.00
  2. 50 minutes for two images – £40.00
  3. 90 minutes for three images – £60.00

General T&Cs

  • No digital Photoshop images (i.e you’ve created the entire image in Photoshop)
  • No AI images
  • No images taken at baited hides
  • No pornography or explicit images depicting minors
  • No images depicting hunting, animal abuse, gore, etc
  • Images must be your own (including added elements)
  • Files must be saved in JPEG
  • 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch)
  • 200 PX (Pixels) on the longest edge
  • Maximum file size 20MB (Megabytes)
  • Colour space must be set at sRGB (for printing and viewing)
  • You have Zoom, Skype or Facebook Messenger and video calling (without distractions)
  • Your internet connection speed is fast – download speed 100+Mbps and upload speed at least 20+Mbps; please check your speed here
  • Images must not have any logos, watermarks, borders etc
  • Images considered unethical will be rejected, and your payment will be refunded. Please read the article: Talking Ethics in Photography here (not suitable for reading on mobile devices)

Please submit your images to Norfolk Prints & Frames after payment. Once your payment has been accepted and approved, we’ll contact your back to arrange a time and date for your feedback session.

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