Pet Portraits

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Fine Art Prints
A picture paints a thousand words; A fine art print paints more

Pick from Omega Rag, Photo Rag, Baryta etc.

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The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame

Choose from Farrow, Sovereign or Scandi, our best sellers.

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Portrait services
Portraits define who you are

Single, Family or Pet Portraits; bookings start at £150 T&Cs apply.

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Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait Prints

Booking a professional pet photoshoot ensures you have beautiful high-quality photographs of your pet that will stand the test of time.

What you receive:

  • Two beautiful pet portrait prints
  • 1GB eco-friendly USB stick with your loaded portraits
  • Free consultation and risk assessment

Consultation and a £150 booking fee are required before the shoot. Please book your portrait session below and your consultation at 07307-605242.

This service is for one pet only.

Framed Pet Portraits

A pet portrait captures your pet’s personality, character, habits, and other memorable moments. A pet portrait is also a great way to remember a fur baby that’s gone over the rainbow bridge.

What you receive:

  • Two framed pet portraits
  • 1GB eco-friendly USB stick with your loaded portraits
  • Free consultation and risk assessment

Consultation and a £150 booking fee are required before the shoot. Please book your portrait session below and your consultation at 07307-605242.

This service is for one or two pets only.

Pet Portrait

Looking for a Bespoke Service?

Please send me your ideas regarding themes, prints, frames, how many people etc., and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m available.

“Hold yew hard”



When hiring me, you’re choosing a photographer passionate about photographic art. I won’t rush you, shout at you, or treat you with disrespect.


Image quality is of the utmost importance. Every portrait of yours will be edited professionally, with attention paid to brightness, contrast, colour, crop etc.


I use only the best materials to print and frame. Prints range from Fuji Lustre, Fine art Enhanced Matte and Hahnemühle papers. In addition, every product you buy will be manufactured to high standards.

British Made

I believe it’s essential to support local and national British businesses. Every print, frame, and photo product you buy will be made in Great Britain by local and national British companies.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Charges vary depending on the project and what you want me to do, i.e. digital portraits or portraits with prints and frames. My hourly rate is £150 (per hour), which does not include additional costs for travel, overnight stays, accommodation, prints, printing, frames, frame manufacture etc. Your total itemised bill will be available once the service is complete.

Monday: 07:00 am - 21:00hrs (Portrait services only)

Tuesday:  07:00 am - 21:00hrs (Consultations only)

Wednesday: 07:00 am - 21:00hrs (Portrait services only)

Thursday: 09:00 - 17:00 hrs (In-house work only, no portraits or consultations)

Friday: Closed

Saturday: 07:00 am - 21:00hrs (Portrait services only)

Sunday: 10:00 am - 15:00hrs (Consultations only)

Your images will be printed on either Fuji Lustre, Fine Art Enhanced Matte, Hahnemühle Hemp, Fine Art Baryta, Omega Rag or Photo Rag. I believe it's essential that only the best papers are used to print your portrait. Standard print papers fade and age quickly and are prone to bubbling, creasing, scratching etc., while glossy papers emit too much glare and reflection. During your free consultation, we'll talk more about prints, which you can see, feel, and choose the correct print style to match your home décor.

Portrait on Photo Rag

You can choose from hundreds of frame styles in various sizes, with glaze or without. That said, your portrait will look best in a character frame, such as the Sovereign Grande (seen below), Vintage Grande, Vintage Narrow, Brooklyn, Woodland, Driftwood, Hudson or Worcester frame etc. During your free consultation, I'll bring you a selection of the finest frames and prints to review.

Framed print of tulip

A consultation is required to understand better what you want from me and when, e.g., portrait theme, time, date, location, how you want your image edited, or if you require more from the service you have chosen. In addition, I'll provide you with an "estimated quote" for your project. Furthermore, we'll discuss frames, prints, glazes, and a risk assessment for your safety and mine. Consultations are free.

Time limit-wise, I try to be no longer than two hours per session. However, we can discuss the duration of your photoshoot during the free consultation if you prefer a more extended slot.

Unless specified on your chosen service plan, unfortunately, not. That said, if you feel uncomfortable around a male photographer, you're welcome to bring a chaperone.

This is entirely up to you. If you or your pet feel more comfortable in your home with or without a chaperone, that is fine by me; all that matters is that you or your pet are comfortable and at ease with me taking photos; alternatively, you can come to me for the shoot. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in my studio because of conflicts that may arise with my Assistance Dog.

Waiting times for digital portraits average from 2-5 days, depending on my workload; your dongle with loaded images will be sent by Royal Mail Same Day delivery. Alternatively, you can collect the dongle from me. Regarding prints and frames, the average waiting time is around 7-14+ days for customers in the United Kingdom. Royal Mail will deliver your dongle by "Same Day" delivery. Alternatively, you can collect the dongle from me. Prints and frames will be dispatched by Royal Mail, Same Day delivery too. Custom frames with or without glaze, including prints, can take anywhere from 14-24+ days depending on how busy my local carpenter is; custom frames will be dispatched by Royal Mail Same Day delivery.

Prints, frames and photographic products will be bubble wrapped, padded and secured.

Prints, frames, dongles etc., delivered to North America, South America, Europe (excluding Great Britain), Asia, Africa, and Australia will be couriered by either Fed Ex or UPS.

Unfortunately, no. Jobs that are rushed often lead to mistakes and unhappy customers. Moreover, last-minute requests leave me no time to conduct a consultation, risk assessment and contractual agreement.

A booking fee is my minimum hourly rate for your portrait service. A booking fee is like a deposit; it shows you're committed to the booking and gives me the confidence that my costs will be covered if you don't attend. A booking fee is £150GBP to secure your booking date and time. Bookings cancelled after 48 hours will not be refunded. Please refer to the T&Cs and Booking Policy here.

All products (prints, frames, albums, etc.) are delivered free in the United Kingdom (excluding commonwealth states). All products delivered outside the United Kingdom will incur additional delivery and P&P charges.

Please click the "Book Today" link under your chosen portrait plan. You'll then be directed to the booking system to book your time and date for your photoshoot.

Please phone me at 07307-605242 to book your free consultation before or after you've paid your booking fee. Your portrait session cannot proceed until the booking fee has been paid and the consultation has been concluded. Please be advised that consultations are part and parcel of your portrait session. Therefore, a free consultation cannot be offered unless you book a portrait service with me.

It's only fair to offer a discount during the cost of living crisis. The following discounts apply:

  1. Students will receive 10% off their first portrait session.
  2. Customers over 60 will receive 15% off their first portrait session.
  3. Customers with a valid DWP letter outlining their benefit will receive 10% off their first portrait session.
  4. Members of the Armed Forces registered NHS workers and serving Police Officers will receive 20% off their first portrait session.

Coupon codes cannot be used with any of the above offers unless specified on the service plan.

Discounts can only be applied once per customer. Your discount will be deducted from the final service plan. Discounts cannot be applied to your booking fee.

I offer two payment plans by Klarna: Pay in 30 days or three interest-free instalments. I will soon provide a new payment plan: Pay it Monthly. Unfortunately, this service is not available as yet.

Payment plans cannot be used to pay for your booking fee. Your booking fee must be paid in full. Bookings paid for through Klarna will be cancelled, and the customer will be notified to make further payment arrangements.

Payment for commissioned work, i.e. portraits, will be expected within 28 days of the issue of the relevant invoice. If you're experiencing financial problems regarding your invoice, please contact me immediately by email or phone. Payment for prints, frames, stock images, and photographic products available directly from the website is expected immediately or by Klarna. Paying by Klarna is strictly prohibited on products, booking fees and portrait services unless specified in the product description, by email, Point of Sale, blog, coupon code, etc.

You can pay in cash, by bank transfer, PayPal, Square, Amazon, Apple etc. I would prefer you pay by PayPal so that payments, disputes and refunds can be handled securely and quickly. Bookings must be paid via the calendar booking service and not in cash.

You are entitled to a partial or full refund if there is a genuine problem with your product, i.e. editing mistakes, your image(s) and frame(s) were lost, stolen, delivered damaged or damaged in transit etc. Refunds are not available regarding contractual agreements between you and me. For example, if you agree and like my style of photography but later change your mind, a full refund will not be honoured. Please refer to the Refund Policy, T&Cs and Booking Policy for more information, or you can phone or email me to find out more.

For more information about refunds and returns, please click the link here.

The legally binding contract you sign is the agreement between you and me covering everything we discussed during the free consultation meeting. The contract will outline the involved parties' expectations, rights, and responsibilities to help avoid and resolve any conflicts.

Furthermore, the contract will cover the agreed time, date, location, payment method, delivery, refund policy, what happens if you don't show up, how you will receive your products, what you can and cannot do with your digital files, i.e. rights to printing, copyright protection, model and property release, photo session agreements, gallery sales, permission to use images in adverts, on websites, in blogs, etc.

You can amend your billing and/or shipping address in the "My Account" section by clicking this link here.

You can amend your account details in the "My Account" section by clicking the link here.

You can change your account password in the "My Account" section here. If you're unable to amend your password, don't panic, email me here and I'll get back you when I'm next available.

You can contact the Norfolk Photographer by email at or via phone at 07307-605242. If you've exhausted these two methods and still have not received a reply, please, don't panic; head over to Facebook and drop me a message here. You can also contact me on Twitter or Instagram.

For a full rundown of The Norfolk Photographers T&Cs, please click this link here.

Please read The Norfolk Photographers' Privacy Policy here.

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