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Fine Art Prints
A picture paints a thousand words; A fine art print paints more

Pick from Omega Rag, Photo Rag, Baryta etc.

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The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame

Choose from Farrow, Sovereign or Scandi, our best sellers.

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Portrait services
Portraits define who you are

Single, Family or Pet Portraits; bookings start at £150 T&Cs apply.

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About me
and the show

Welcome to Norfolk Prints & Frames. My name is Jon Williamson; I’m an ethical photographer and writer with fifteen years of experience in the industry.

I’m an avid traveller, and I enjoy everything related to photography. In addition to this, I love to shoot award-winning photos for the press and public or pictures for my shop.

Norfolk Prints & Frames specialises in fine art prints, deluxe frames, frames made to order, stock imagery, portraiture, and gifting.

I also run photography workshops regarding landscape, flora and riverscape, offer one-on-one tuition and hold talks about photography related subjects at local clubs.

If you want to learn more about my work or are interested in a particular product not listed on the site, please contact me.

Read about what some of my customers are saying below.

Man in a hat.
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“I purchased two adorable 60×30-inch custom-made gallery frames from the Norfolk Photographer for my husband’s study room. Each frame was made to my specifications. I recommend Jon as an artist if you want custom handmade frames. His printer and framer did an outstanding job.”

Heather Ried, Suffolk, england
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“My husband and I wanted something to remind us of home. I bought eight framed landscape prints. They look gorgeous, and each frame came in a presentation box. They remind me of home, my childhood and many other fond memories. Thank you so much, Jon.”

Sally Rodriguez, Camp Springs, Maryland, U.S.A
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“Thank you for the drone photos and your history blurb on Facebook. Norwich Market and the Cathedral look impressive, covered in snow.”

Michael Stocks, formerly of Norwich, now Hong Kong
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“The photographer himself made the delivery. I chose custom-made sash window photo frames. They certainly look different, and my guests are always commenting about them. Please, please, will you do some calendars and Christmas cards.”

Judy Muskett, Norwich
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“Thank you for the photo albums; my mom loves them; I look forward to seeing more of your posts in the Secret Norwich forum.”

“Thank you for the photo albums; my mom loves them; I look forward to seeing more of your posts in the Secret Norwich forum.”

Helen Gomez, Norwich, UEA
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