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Photo printing is much less labour-intensive than traditional methods because of the less time required to set up and maintain photo prints throughout production.

Furthermore, photo printing is cheaper than buying fine art prints, wall art and framed prints.

Photographer: J. J. Williamson | The Norfolk Photographer

Contrary to popular opinion, the best photo prints, fine art and wall art are produced in photo print laboratories rather than at home, your local post office or supermarket. This is because photo labs have access to large-format, high-quality printers.

In addition, you’ve more options with photo prints, such as custom sizing, colour correcting and adding borders (as seen in the image below), and you have a wide variety of print papers to choose from, such as Lustre, Pearl, Gloss, etc.

Professional photo print labs also use superior, environmentally friendly high-grade ink and chemicals and the latest processes since producing outstanding images are their business’s core. In contrast, consumer printing typically uses lower-quality materials that aren’t always Eco-friendly and are more expensive.

Photographer: J. J. Williamson | The Norfolk Photographer

Norfolk Prints & Frames uses only family-run photo print laboratories with over 70 years of experience in the industry. The staff are prepared to handle our orders for commercial purposes, exhibitions, weddings and more. And all our photo prints and products are made here, in England.

The labs we use have many more mediums than you’ll likely be able to print on at home or the supermarket, including high-grade canvas prints, fine art, metal, wood, acrylics, and much more.

On top of all of that, professional photo labs are highly efficient businesses that purchase inks and papers in bulk. This lowers the cost of printing, which is often reflected in price lists. Some print labs even offer discounts or promotions on bulk print jobs, which can be helpful if you need a lot of photo prints done quickly.

Fine art
Photographer: J. J. Williamson | The Norfolk Photographer

While it may be easier and more convenient to print at home or the local print store, having your photographs printed at a photo lab may result in better quality and more versatility.

Highly experienced colour technicians analyse all our images as they are printed too. Choose sizes from 1.5×1.5″ up to 18×12″ or larger sizes up to 96×48″. In addition, you may prefer custom sizing.

You can select Lustre or Gloss when choosing a photo print from Norfolk Prints & Frames. The Lustre photo print is a stunning, natural photographic finish with subtle colours and a slightly stippled texture. The Lustre option is a versatile paper that works well with all photographic images.

On the other hand, Gloss provides a smooth, reflective surface. This finish enhances the visual appeal of printed images, giving them a vibrant, punchy feel that captures attention.

Fine Art
Photographer: J. J. Williamson | The Norfolk Photographer

Norfolk Prints & Frames also offers large format photo printing in distinct finishes such as:

  • Fuji Professional DPII Photographic Paper in Lustre
  • Gloss
  • HD Maxima
  • Metallic
  • Fuji-Flex
  • Velvet

For more information, please email us below, and we’ll get back to you when we’re next available.

J. J. Williamson | Norfolk Prints & Frames

Howdy, I’m the Norfolk Photographer and writer with fifteen years of experience in the photography industry. I shoot landscapes, seascapes, fine art, portraits, etc, hold talks, provide one-on-one tuition and run photography workshops.

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