Best Photo Editing Hardware

Choosing the correct photo editing device is essential if you prefer to edit your photos before sending them to clients or uploading them to social media sites. However, with over 200 globally known computer companies worldwide, choosing the correct device that suits your needs can be a headache.

Grey Goods

Grey goods or imports are products such as computers, cameras, cars, etc., imported into countries via legal unofficial market routes. In this article, I am focusing solely on camera grey goods. Grey goods originate from what is known as the “grey market” or “dark market”, sometimes confused with the term parallel market.


“A homepage is the main epicentre of your brand and products. A website with no homepage is like a storefront with no name, door, greeting, offers, etc. A homepage is the virtual storefront of your site and the most crucial page. Think of it like a storefront with your name at the top, a “brief” introduction about who you are and what you do or sell. In addition, your homepage must serve the customers you’re trying to attract.”