Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is a form of positive and constructive feedback that offers supportive advice and ideas to an individual. Constructive criticism should be applied to someone’s artwork when requested.

Photoshop Stylize

The stylize filter is excellent for amateur and professional photographers looking to improve their creative photography skills; however, it’s not an editing tool I would recommend for daily use. It would be unwise to fill your portfolio with edited images using the stylize filter because not everyone likes that style of photography.

Wildlife Garden

Wildlife gardens are a cheap yet practical way to shoot wildlife from the confines of your home garden. Wildlife gardens attract wildlife, such as birds, moths, rodents, squirrels, foxes etc. Wildlife gardens attract wildlife naturally without using bait or tape lures, meaning the images you capture have been shot ethically.

Staged Photography

Staged photography is traditionally adopted by photographers who shoot portraits, fashion, lifestyle, flora, products, boudoirs, etc. Staging is also standard in some categories of competitive photography, in which the photographer portrays specific stories, messages, scenarios or enactment. However, there remains a dark side to staged photography that’s rarely spoken about in mainstream photography.


The camera drone is the wrong tool for wildlife photography projects. Of all of challenges of wildlife photography, perhaps the most difficult to master is appropriate distance: We want to get as close as possible to get great shots, while staying far enough away to keep subjects from becoming stressed, behaving unnaturally, or fleeing.

Marine Photography

Whale watching and marine tourism photography is a multi-million dollar industry. However, both genres of photography, when practised unethically, are altering the behaviours of cetaceans and, in some cases endanger their lives.

National Parks

As photographers, we are responsible for protecting Mother Nature, especially in protected conservation areas. Our behaviour defines our character. If our behaviour defines us as negligent people, it doesn’t just tarnish us – it blackens everyone within the photography community.

Wildlife Encounters

When tourists visit wildlife encounters, the money they spend on interacting, petting and walking with predators does not contribute to wildlife conservation or the preservation of natural habitats. Instead that money buys more animals, builds more animal encounters, promotes fake voluntourism, and contributes to animal suffering and death.