Photoshop Stylize

The stylize filter is excellent for amateur and professional photographers looking to improve their creative photography skills; however, it’s not an editing tool I would recommend for daily use. It would be unwise to fill your portfolio with edited images using the stylize filter because not everyone likes that style of photography.

Health & Photography

Photography is an excellent therapy for many of us, and it has several therapeutic benefits linked to our mental and physical health. In addition, photography can improve our social lives; we meet new people, make new friends, and build our confidence, creativity and self-esteem.

Ultimate Guide to Lens Filters

The photography market is cluttered with numerous brands of camera filters, many of which are useless and made with cheap materials that often ruin your images. In contrast, others can damage your expensive camera lenses. In this article, I focus on the best filters money can buy that can add value to your photography, whyContinue reading “Ultimate Guide to Lens Filters”