Riverscape Workshop


Seven-day beginner riverscape workshop at some of the finest picturesque locations in East of England.

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The beginner riverscape workshop will run for seven days; each lesson lasts four hours. Lesson 1 will be held at the Sunken Wherries at Surlingham Broad, Norfolk, where we’ll walk and talk about riverscapes, such as ethical photography practices, the Natural World, SSSIs and the importance of staying on the trail.

Lesson 2 will be held in the city centre at the 15th-century Pulls Ferry, where we’ll cover the camera and equipment setup, exposure triangle, focusing, leading lines, curves and symmetry.

Lessons 3-4 will be held at the Lady Julian Bridge and surrounding footpaths, where we’ll cover slow shutter and long exposure photography, riverscape architecture, and storytelling.

Lessons 5-6 will be held on the Norfolk Broads at the picturesque Brograve Mill. You will be taught about framing, cropping, foreground, mid-ground and background. Brograve Mill is an excellent spot for moody landscape photography.

Lesson 7 will be held at the Hickling Wildlife Trust, where we’ll talk about and photograph some of Norfolk’s finest butterflies and moths.

J. J. Williamson, The Guntons' Building, Riverscape, Norwich.
J. J. Williamson, The Guntons’ Building, Riverscape, Norwich.

As a bonus, I’m also throwing in an extra day (for free) from which we’ll cover the post-processing of RAW files into beautiful print-worthy images. Workshop 8 will run from 09:00 until 17:00 hrs.

Riverscape photography covers most aspects of outdoor photography, such as landscape, cityscape, flora, wildlife, architecture, macro, etc.

I pride myself on providing the best tuition possible. Therefore, each workshop has a limit of only seven people. If the workshop has sold out, please register your name, email and phone number here, and I’ll book you into the next available workshop. An understanding of basic photography is required for this course.

Just to let you know, Brograve Mill remains closed for health and safety reasons.


  • Workshop 1: We’ll talk about riverscape (and what it entails), ethics, SSSIs, trails and safety
  • Workshop 2: Camera setup, exposure triangle, focus, leading lines, curves, symmetry
  • Workshop 3: Slow shutter and long exposure photography
  • Workshop 4: Storytelling, architecture, rules and moods
  • Workshop 5: Framing, cropping and grounds
  • Workshop 6: Early morning golden hour photography
  • Workshop 7: Natural World
  • Workshop 8: A full day covering post-processing (free)


Sunken Wherries, Surlingham Broad, Norfolk.

Pulls Ferry, Norwich 29 Ferry Lane, NR1 4DZ.

Lady Julian Bridge, Norwich, NR1 1WZ.

Brograve Mill, Sea Palling, Norwich NR12 0EE. (The mill is permanently closed. However, the paths surrounding the mill remain open).

Hickling Wildlife Trust, Stubb Road, Hickling, Norwich, NR12 0BW.

Harford Community Centre. (Post Processing from 09:00-17:00)

What you need:

  • Camera with spare batteries or (bank charger)
  • Len(s) plus cleaning equipment
  • Tripod
  • Graduated Neutral Density, Neutral Density and a Circular Polarizer
  • Shutter release cable or IR remote release
  • Suitable clothing
  • Hiking boots and wellingtons
  • Notepad and pen (preferably waterproof) though not essential

What’s not included:

  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Travel arrangements

The minimum age requirement is 17; alcohol, narcotics and vapes are prohibited in our workshops. If you are a smoker, please ensure you smoke before, or after the lesson and not on the grounds I teach. For more information, please use the contact form below. Availability times will be made public in due course.

The riverscape workshop may not be suitable for photographers who rely on mobility scooters or wheelchairs or those with walking impairments; however, please stay tuned to our site for upcoming news for workshops crafted for photographers with disabilities. While we do not discriminate, we must always consider health and safety. Moreover, some of the locations we teach at do not have suitable access for wheelchair or mobility scooter users.

This workshop does entail a moderate level of walking along uneven ground; therefore, please ensure you bring suitable footwear. Furthermore, it would be best if you stayed on the trail I walk at all times to prevent trampling and damaging protected flora in SSSI zones. The riverscape workshop will be held along the River Wensum, Yare, and Waveney; therefore, it’s your responsibility to maintain a sensible attitude to avoid slipping or falling into the river.

Please note that workshops must meet the specified number of people to cover rent and permit costs. In the improbable event we cannot run a workshop for such reasons or due to illness, bad weather or matters out of our hands; you will be notified by email and phone and offered a new date or your money back.

The Norfolk Photographer has a zero-tolerance policy regarding the use of alcohol, drugs, abuse, bullying, discrimination, racism, or hateful remarks in our workshops. We’re all in this together to learn about the craft of photography. Therefore, you will be banned from our workshops if you do not respect our code of ethics. 

Do not smoke or vape on the grounds I teach, and a polite reminder, at times, we will be working near small villages and homes; therefore, let’s respect the locals and surrounding land we tread and work on.

As a side note, please do not bring camera drones to our workshops. A workshop that caters specifically for “low altitude drone art” will be available soon via our website in 2024.