Ethics in Wildlife


Four-hour conference about Ethics in Wildlife Photography.

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4-Hour Talk about Ethics in Wildlife Photography

Talking Ethics in Wildlife Photography will touch on the following subjects:

  • The decline of Earth’s wild fauna
  • Unethical photography practices
  • How unethical wildlife photography brings us and the industry into disrepute
  • Identifying the risks such as disturbance, encroachment, habituation etc. and how to avoid them
  • How ethical wildlife photography makes you a more notable photographer

In due course, a follow-up talk on my YOU-TUBE channel covering photography ethics in marine and national parks will be available.

The four conferences will be held in Norfolk, and refreshments and nibbles will be available from the main stand. 

For further information, please email me here, and I will get back to you when I’m next available.

I’m also available to do talks at local and national photography clubs; drop me an email, and I’ll return your message as soon as.